Five Tips to Reduce Energy Costs

Nazeli Pogosyan - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

High energy bills are a widespread concern that can dampen moods and cause friction in the home. Here are some ways to keep money in your wallet and preserve the peace as well:


Tip # 1: Resist The Urge

It is tempting to lower the thermostat temperature to quickly cool your home. But, heating and air conditioning units work at the same pace, regardless of the setting, until reaching the desired temperature. It not only doesn’t cool your home more swiftly, it will cause a spike in your energy bills. Adjusting the thermostat repeatedly could also potentially incur an air conditioner repair as well.


If you find your home is not getting cool as quickly as you would like, it may be time for a home ac repair or a new air conditioner installation. It may be that your heating and air conditioning unit is simply not large enough to do the job. If your heater and air conditioner is the wrong size, it could cause you to waste, rather than conserve energy, as well as cause unnecessary energy costs.


Tip # 2: Turn It Off

To conserve energy and save your bank account, turn off or unplug electronics and appliances not in use and remember to turn lights off and raise the temp on your thermostat when leaving the house. Also, skip turning on the fan, as while fans circulate air, they do not truly cool your home and will just increase energy costs. Also, next time you need to replace a lightbulb, go with energy efficient or LED bulbs to further boost savings.


Tip # 3 Schedule a Tune Up

Air conditioning maintenance is a vital part in ensuring your heating and air conditioning unit is working efficiently. While it may seem like an added cost, HVAC maintenance today can prevent costly repairs down the road and extend the life of your home AC. A call to a HVAC company to schedule a HVAC service is a fundamental tool to protect your investment and keep money in your bank account.


Tip # 4 Seal It Up

Take a look at the insulation of your hot water heater, walls and ceilings. Inadequate insulation could be part of your inflated energy costs. This, plus weather stripping or new caulking can help prevent cold air from leaking out and hot air from getting in. Dual pane windows are another way to insulate your home and boost energy efficiency.


Tip # 5 Clean It Up

Change your air filter frequently to ensure your AC and heating equipment is working optimally and to further reduce utility bills.

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