Top 6 Reasons To Use Your Air Conditioner & Heater

Nazeli Pogosyan - Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Top 6 Reasons To Use Your Air Conditioner & Heater


Do you feel wasteful or extravagant running your air conditioner and heater? Here are the top 6 reasons why someone should use heating and air conditioning guilt free and stop the “Should I or shouldn’t I?” debate. Air conditioning systems are a modern convenience no one should go without! Running your home AC is well worth an uptick in your electricity bill, but it can be done with financial and green responsibility in mind.  


If your heating and cooling unit is older, making noise or your electricity bill is unusually high, you are likely due for air conditioner maintenance or a new air conditioner installation. Rather than fret about what might be going on, let a HVAC company do an air conditioning troubleshooting for you.


Reason # 1: Green Tax Credit

Newer air conditioning systems operate more efficiently and utilize less electricity than older models, and are definitely worth the investment. Choosing energy star compliant heating and air conditioning units rather than keeping your existing heater and air conditioner can qualify you for a federal tax credit and are greener options you can feel good about.


Reason # 2: Humidity Control

AC use isn't just about reducing the temperature in your home or office. Many people think air conditioners only cool the air, however, they have an added benefit of controlling excess humidity.


Reason # 3: Keep the Peace

Keeping your family cool can foster harmony, really! Experts indicate that heat increases irritability, aggressive behavior and tends to make people overreact to things that normally wouldn’t bother them.


Reason # 4: Keep Your Family Safe

Leaving doors and windows open during the day or overnight makes you vulnerable to would be intruders, home robbery or invasion. Studies also show that heat increases crime, making it even more critical to lock up tight when temperatures soar.


Reason # 5: Sleep Better

Sleep specialists agree that keeping your bedroom cool, with 68 degrees being the optimal temperature, is vital for quality sleep. Chances are, no matter where you live or the season, temperatures will be higher or lower, leaving you tired the following day. A controlled environment using ac and heating fosters deeper REM sleep which increases focus and productivity during the day.


Reason # 6: Keep It Clean

Leaving windows and doors open allows allergens and outdoor pollutants into your home that can adversely affect the quality of the air you breathe. So long as you replace your filters regularly or have them replaced by a HVAC contractor, running your heater and air conditioner will help remove these irritants and improve your air quality.


Just remember, when leaving the house to turn your heating & air conditioning down or off to conserve energy.

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